Momentum Cloud and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW in collaboration with Momentum Cloud have made available an online platform to assist Independent Schools participating in the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan with their collection, management and analysis of student literacy and numeracy assessment data.

Visit the Association of Independent Schools of NSW website.

Seventh Annual Leading a Digital School conference in Melbourne, Australia

Momentum ESR was a major sponsor of IWBNet's Seventh Annual Leading a Digital School Conference held in the Crown conference centre in Melbourne.

This conference focussed on school leaders and emerging school leaders passionate about taking their school forward in terms of the quality of the teaching and learning environment.

The conference was held over three days with over 100 sessions for delegates to gather knowledge and skills to assist in creating, leading and setting the tone for using interactive digital technology in schools – in all operations, not just the classroom.

Aaron Hughes from Momentum Cloud presented two sessions at the conference focussing on Momentum ESR's intuitive cloud-based approach to centralising and analysing student and school information; and using BloomBoard to track, manage and monitor teacher professional development against Australian Professional Standards.

Among the activities designed for the conference was a Scavenger Hunt where delegates sought answers to questions provided by sponsors. Momentum Cloud posed the question, "What are the three key words that define great software for teachers and schools?" and provided delegates with a url to locate the answer in a quirky animation

‘Burbangana’ - Teachers Mutual Bank in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education and Communities(DEC) Sydney Region

Momentum ESR would like to congratulate the NSW Department of Education and Communities(DEC) Sydney Region and the partnership with Teachers Mutual Bank for the development of the book ‘Burbangana - Take hold of my hand and help me up’.

The book offers a vibrant insight into the accomplishments of Aboriginal students in public education in inner Sydney. The publication was created as part of the NSW Department of Education and Communities(DEC) Sydney Region's commitment to building support for Aboriginal education initiatives and the wider education community. The stories of the young people achieving success by overcoming their challenges is inspirational for everyone and we commend those young people for their efforts and success.

We are humbled to be included in Burangana, with other like-minded organisations that support Aboriginal education initiatives. For more information please see the news story listed on the Teachers Mutual Bank's website and the downloadable Burangana publication here.

Assessment Continuums available within Momentum ESR

Momentum ESR's assessment continuum framework has now been released. The new functionality will allow your school to collect ongoing student literacy and numeracy assessment data from K-12. For NSW public schools the tool is available with preloaded markers provided under copyright by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

For Victorian schools we have also released a Victorian Essential Learning Standards assessment tool, Prep to Year 10. For all other school systems, the continuum assessment framework is highly configurable to be aligned with your syllabus criteria and assessment levels. For more information please contact us.

Momentum ESR consults for the Illawarra-South East Region

Momentum ESR was thrilled to participate in the software consultation meeting for the Illawarra-South East Region's Aboriginal community. The group's objective is to harness cloud-based software to facilitate students' education and social support, whilst providing a means for educators and students to engage with their local community, culture, mentors and parents.

The initial consultation provided Momentum ESR with some great insight into the Sapphire Coast & Monaro's Aboriginal PLP Development Committee's vision and requirements. Momentum ESR was also able to contribute its framework of functionality for consideration and the scoping of the new system's design elements has begun.

Over the coming months we are looking forward to fast tracking the delivery of the new concept utilising Momentum ESR's platform and working with the Sapphire Coast & Monaro's Aboriginal PLP Development Committees to further expand on the scope and system design.

For Educators interested in participating in the consultation please email us at

Online PLPs – a joint project with NSW DEC Sydney Region Public Schools

We are pleased to announce a joint project with the NSW DEC Sydney Region Public Schools for a trial to manage the Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) for Aboriginal students. Click here for more information.

Momentum ESR awarded a federal grant!

We were awarded a federal grant through Commercialisation Australia for Momentum ESR.

Needless to say, we are honoured (and thoroughly elated!) to be recognised by the government not only for our achievements to date but also for our vision in harnessing the latest technologies to help educators improve academic outcomes for all students.

Tech23 Conference

Hundreds of clever and innovative people under one roof, including us.

Tech23 was held in Surry Hills Sydney on 23 August. The conference was opened by NSW Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner MP and brought together representatives of Australia's innovation ecosystem from research and development, to entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprise customers. We would like to thank all who attended our presentation and for the overwhelming support and encouragement we received.


The iAwards honours both companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the industry. Most importantly, the iAwards honours the achievements of home-grown Australian innovators. We were thrilled to receive a merit award.

Sing to Learn™ with Keystone Creations′ Educational Songs

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Keystone Creations. Keystone Creations develop engaging song-based teaching resources for primary schools. Their catchy and original values-based songs embody the concept that children learn what they sing!