A cloud platform service!

The Momentum ESR platform consists of a suite of Performance and Reporting modules to assist your team to capture, record and analyse your school's information.

Performance information

Student performance data is integral in assisting educators to make informed and effective decisions in support of a student's education.

Momentum ESR assists your organisation to collect, analyse and maintain the continuity of student performance data. With secure access to comprehensive educational performance data, your team will be empowered to efficiently direct students' personalised learning strategies.

Reporting and accountability

Accountability is playing an ever increasing role within the education environment. Momentum ESR helps schools meet their accountability measures by providing flexible reporting and analysis tools. With real-time access to secure information, accountability measures can be easily met on-demand.

Efficient and easy to use

A teacher's time is one of the most valuable contributors to a student's learning experience. Momentum ESR is built to deliver efficient, easy to use functionality with on-demand retrieval of information. Streamline your assessment, planning and reporting processes with Momentum ESR.